We live in an age where technology has irrevocably changed the way we work, yet too many parents are still forced into having to choose between a fulfilling career OR being there for their children. In the year 2016 it’s past time that we made another way widely available, an opportunity for more mums to have both a fulfilling career and to be there for their children. Forget 9 to 5, rigid structure and presenteeism. If more people embrace a newer and more effective culture of working, then everyone benefits. #WorkThatWorks is about more flexibility at work, happier employees, less wasted talent, increased productivity, thriving businesses and the positive impacts these have on the economy. 

What is #WorkThatWorks?

How you can join The #WorkThatWorks Movement

Why #WorkThatWorks?

Inflexible, office-based work can be uninspiring and constraining for anyone. For mums, it’s bigger than that. 54,000 women every year are forced out of their jobs because of being pregnant. A disproportionate number of women hit a ceiling when they have kids. Lower-skilled jobs are taken, career progression is halted and a lack of diversity is the result. If we genuinely want to be a fair and equal society, and want to avoid stigmatising an entire demographic, embracing #WorkThatWorks is the only way forward. And it’s not just about mums - 83% of businesses that have adopted flexible working practices say it's resulted in improvements in productivity.

Stand up with us at Digital Mumsand show your support for flexible working and The #WorkThatWorks Movement. It's time for a serious cultural change to the way that we work in Britain for the good of mums, businesses and the economy as a whole.

We'll send you more info on what we're up to during #WorkThatWorks week starting on September 26th. Over time we'll send tips on how you can make #WorkThatWorks a reality, showcase the businesses making it work for them and much more. We're starting small but this is the beginning of something much bigger.




Add this Facebook overlay to your profile picture. When you do, share a message with your followers like 'Show your support for the #WorkThatWorks movement and raise awareness for the need for flexible working. Add this overlay to your profile picture!' Over on Twitter you can add this Twibbon.




Share an image/photo/video on social media, which represents the letters WTW - let’s fill social media with #WorkThatWorks love. The more of us that shout about it, the more the world will listen to the fact that flexible work is something people are crying out for. 





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